Global IT Company

CLIENT: This global information technology company pioneers and innovates a range of advanced communications technologies.

CHALLENGE: IT organizations must provide the most difficult and costly support when a customer’s business is threatened or a problem deteriorates dramatically. These relatively rare problems are referred from standard support to an escalated level of support. Critical escalations at this IT company command widespread, significant attention from resources that must be reallocated from other projects. The cost is huge, averaging $2 million for every referral. Encouraged by improvements in the quality of customer support achieved with KT Resolve troubleshooting, the company turned to KT with a new challenge: to reduce the cost of critical referrals while maintaining or improving service.

SOLUTION: KT collaborated with the company’s Resolve Program Leaders—technical support professional who teach and support use of the Resolve troubleshooting process—to design a program to reduce the number and cost of critical referrals by engaging in the problem earlier, increasing focus, and improving communication among sales, engineering and support. The resulting two-pronged program consists of a process for organizing critical account
problems and a process for resolving and reporting.

KT Situation Appraisal organizes problems by assessing customer concerns, setting priorities, identifying the best resources, establishing business and technical support ownership, and creating an action plan that draws on cross-functional resources.

KT Situation Appraisal and Problem Analysis provide a means of resolving problems and reporting on progress, involving all relevant customer and internal stakeholders, including the company‘s own field sales staff.

RESULTS: Technical support in AsiaPacific successfully piloted the program for a year. Results were significant. The program increased the status of high-cost, critical issues and focused resources on rapid resolution. The number and the cost of critical referrals fell 40%, producing annual internal cost savings of $10 million. After an ISO audit, the program was nominated as an “internal best practice” and accepted by the organization’s technical support function worldwide. The program continues to deliver more value as increased sales and diverse technologies add potential for critical account referrals.

“I was astounded by the work accomplished.”

— Country support manager