Senior Associates possess many of the same qualities as Associates but often have more education, more years of business experience related to KT's strategic needs, or both. Most people join KT as Senior Associates, and have an accelerated initial professional development in the areas of KT's core and supporting technologies.

What you can expect as a Senior Associate…

  • Travel - Like Associates, Senior Associates are an essential component of our business model. They travel widely across geographic regions on an almost weekly basis.
  • Responsibility – In terms of delivery, Senior Associates deepen their level of understanding of KT's core and supporting technologies and develop an understanding of the ways the technologies are applied to meet client needs. They demonstrate an ability to work in teams but provide value across the firm. This may include contributing in the area of thought leadership by writing articles or leading presentations to associations. Their enthusiasm for supporting others should be equaled only by the enthusiasm for delivering value and measurable results to KT’s clients.
  • Background - Senior Associates display an ability to quickly learn and assimilate new ideas and information and synthesize that knowledge so that it may be applied to solution development for KT’s clients. Their advanced learning is tested in increasingly complex project roles during which they are called upon to configure technologies to meet specific client needs.
  • Rewards - Senior Associates are offered an increased measure of mentorship and begin to focus on their area(s) of specialization in terms of KT applications and industry subject matter expertise. Senior Associates develop the skills necessary to act as a project manager, assuming primary responsibility for structuring the solution development process, assigning work, coaching team members, and managing day-to-day interactions with clients.