Associates are a diverse group of highly qualified people with extremely broad backgrounds—from engineering to the arts—with a tendency toward deep analytic experience and a desire to effect positive change in the business world. Their role as a Kepner-Tregoe Associate provides them with broad business exposure in challenging environments where learning is the primary reward.

What you can expect as an Associate…

  • Travel - There is a high demand on Associates to travel widely across geographic regions on an almost weekly basis. It might mean leaving on a Sunday night to make a Monday morning commitment, or it could mean regular travel to remote client sites for project delivery. Any Associate should expect to spend a minimum of 80% of their time on the road.
  • Responsibility - As entry-level employees, Associates bear the responsibility for delivering Kepner-Tregoe’s consulting and training services in both the public sphere and inside our clients’ organizations.
  • Background - They possess an educational background that fits with a specific hiring need inside KT and that is aligned with our strategic markets. As such, Associates are viewed as an asset to whom the intellectual property of the firm will be entrusted and to whom every possible opportunity will be accorded to develop their potential as contributors to the long-term health of KT.
  • Rewards - Associates are presented with many opportunities to be challenged and to advance their understanding of the way in which KT operates and provides solutions to its clients. Their rewards are as much from self-motivated learning as from KT’s rigorous professional development programs and consistent augmentation through on-the-job experiences.